Friday, 28 October 2011

Photography Thursday (catchup)- Holga ga ga ga

I’ma start a new thing since I’m not doing any work atm, where I show you all my little collection of cameras. This week I’ll start off with my Holga :)
I bought this lil’un from ebay in June 2008. She was my first lomo camera, and a brilliant buy. I’ve yet to try any 120 film in it though, as I’ve always gone for the cheaper and easier option of adapting it to take 35mm. (this can be easily done by using two bits of sponge, some tape and elastic bands)
It’s great for multiple exposures as you don’t have to advance the film each time you shoot. You also have the option of leaving the shutter open for as long as you want, as it comes with a switch labeled B (bulb) or N (don’t know what it stands for but it means it’s normal shutter speed).
What I really like about Holga’s are how unpredictable they are. I always get really abstract photos developed, and half the time you don’t have a clue what it’s of.
Good don’t mind wasting a few films, you like to experiment and you don’t want a perfect picture.
Bad want to see what you’ve actually taken a picture of, and you don’t like getting things developed  to find only two pictures came out.
It’s made completely of plastic (except metal hinges etc) so it’s ultra lightweight, however it is slightly bulky.
Here’s some of my photos taken on the Holga:

I recently bought some 120 film on the cheaps from a gallery in London, but I’ve decided to save it for New York, so I’ll have loads of photos to show once I’m back from there :)
Bye :)