Saturday, 8 October 2011

Things I Love Friday

I know it’s a saturday, but I was busy all day yesterday, so I was unable to spare a few minutes to blog.
Here’s a list of a few things I found through out the week, that I really liked.

1. One of the reasons I was so busy yesterday, because I was helping my friend with her photoshoot. I filmed it so we could share it with the world:

2. This beautiful afghan throw from etsy! If i had the time (and determination) I’d love to knit myself a huge snuggly blanket like this.

3. The Halloween section on Etsy. I love Halloween and I really wish I celebrated it more. I’m out of town this year for the Halloween weekend though :(

4. This post by Alisa Burke on how to decorate Pumpkins! Now I’m a blogger I’m getting very inspired by the the fall/autumn related blog posts there are around.

5. The fact that it’s cold enough to bring out all my winter wear, and have snuggly jumpers and wooly tights, and cuddle up in the duvet on gloomy days.

6. Water Margin!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I think there are only two Water Margin restaurants in the world, but I’m not too sure, and one of them happens to be a ferry ride away from me. Yesterday myself and a group of friends went on down and it is ah-mah-zing! It’s basically an all you can eat Chinese restaurant with the most amazing duck and hoi sin sauce pancakes ever. And it’s all you can eat. I’d be happy going on my own. And it’s all you can eat.