Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Wishlist

So Christmas is getting closer, no doubt my mum will be decorating the house in the next few weeks, so I thought I’d share the things on my Christmas List this year.
I remember as a kid, around November I’d get the Argos catalogue out and literally go through every page and write down the item, page number, price and item code of things I desperately must have. I’d tend to have a billion things on my list so I would then go through and painfully cross things off that I didn’t really need, like the baby that poops when you feed her, and the science set that grows crystals.
This year I’m being a bit more practical :)

This sewing machine...
It comes with all the gizmo’s for free machining and is pretty perfect for everything I want to do.
(Toyota Quiltmaster- Available here)

Then this book, written by Alisa Burke...
To help me get more comfortable with free machining and what not.
(Sew Wild- Available here)

The Sakura Koi 24 Field Kit...
I’m gonna try and get back into watercolour, and start drawing a bit more, and this is a lovely little kit.
(Available here)

And a new Ipod...
I’ve had an Ipod Touch for a few years now, but after cracking the screen and dropping it in the sea, and other things, it’s had it’s last play, and no longer turns on. I decided I needed something better wearing, and some of the older Ipods seemed a safer option, since they are mainly metal casing and all.
(Available anywhere you can find it)

So hopefully I’ll be getting some of these this year, by the sounds of things it will be, one from my parents, one from my dog (yes my dog can buy and wrap presents), one from my brother, and one from my boyfriend. Fingers crossed :)

Now I need to start buying presents, I’m hoping I’ll find most of them in New York, which by the way is less than three weeks away!!!!