Friday, 4 November 2011

Things I Love Friday

Hey ho, yesterday I visited the sea side city of Brighton, purely to take photographs. It was pretty lush, I’ve never been before, so it was a really nice first trip opportunity. I’ll get the film developed at work so hopefully have some pics to show monday :)
This week I’m luvvin:
1)The new camera that Lomography just brought out! It shoots film!!! like moving footage!!! it’s pretty weird, cause I was thinking about getting some film for a Super 8 cine camera, but it worked out as really expensive and I wasn’t too sure an all, but this is poifect, like beautiful, and for just £65 it’s an absolute bargain!!! Here’s an example of what it can do...

2) Stephen Gill. A photographer my teacher introduced me too. I’ve tried his idea out on one of the films I took to Brighton so we’ll see how it turns out...

Right, I don’t really have much else to show today, so have a good Friday and I’ll post again tomorrow :)