Monday, 16 January 2012

Fun Things

So I’ve posted two ePortfolios, and I’ll be doing a few more posts for it soon. I have to do it so I can send the link to a University once they are all up :) Also they make for interesting posts, I like to look back at the work I’ve done.
In other news I bought myself a new camera.
It’s a compact digital camera and it was an absolute bargain!
I wanted to get one for a while, because I have my DSLR and I have all my film cameras, but I don’t really have anything decent for general on the go picture taking, nights out, etc.
Then I went to work yesterday and there it was.
We had a lot of last year models that weren’t selling, so they all got reduced to £35.
It’s an awesome camera, and it’s also very pretty looking.

I’ll do a proper review on it once I’ve had it for like a week or something, but for now I’ve got analysis to write up!
Bye :)