Thursday, 26 January 2012


So my Extended Project is starting to wrap up, my last post for it will be around the 13th of February and then everything I post from then on out will be completely for the sake of blogging, rather than for my Project.
Here’s a few things I’m planning:

-Advertising on The Dainty Squid in February, in an attempt to draw more readers in.
-Posting a few interviews with various bloggers that I wrote to when I first started my project.
-Using Blurb to make a book from my blog to present for my EPQ.
-Change my blogs name, as my project is coming to an end and the year is almost over, it is no longer a year of my life, so I'll be brainstorming a few ideas.

(Taken with Polaroid Super Shooter, FP100-C Glossy Film)

In other non-blog related news, my 18th is just one week away!
Which also means that my tattoo booking is less than two weeks away!
And I’ll be getting my exam paper next Wednesday as well, which means I’ll be finishing off all coursework bits, so I’ll be posting them on here.
I’m away this weekend with no internet, so I probably won’t post again until Sunday,
so bye for now :)