Wednesday, 22 February 2012

DIY: Developing Your Own Film

Since a lot of my photography work is shot in black and white film, which I develop myself, I thought I’d do a little How To, if anyone’s interested. I’m not an expert, and I just do it the way I’ve been taught at college, so if anyone does it differently then that’s fine. A lot of things can change based on temperature and the type of film you are using, and I don’t really know much about the chemicals because the technicians at college sort all that out. I’ll learn one day, I hope to have a little makeshift dark room when I’m older, but for now I just do it like this:

Like I said above, this is the way I have been taught, and it’s probably not enough information to go ahead and develop your own, but I made it more as a kind of guideline for people who are interested in how film gets developed, because I didn’t really have a clue before I started.
I’ll try and do a separate one for printing photos from film, but it might be a bit difficult as I can’t use my camera in the dark room, and I can’t take photopaper out until it’s been fixed.
We’ll see :)