Monday, 20 August 2012


So i got into Uni! with a brilliant two A’s and A*. Very chuffed. I celebrated with KFC, Ben and Jerrys and a lot of wine and beer.
Now I have a month left in my hometown, and I’ve started buying all my things for my new house, and packing up my room, and looking at loads of awesome bedrooms to see what I can do with my new crib.
As it’s rented I can’t really make any permanent alterations or anything, but I’m definitely going to be using some cheap non-permanent interior design choices to make the place a little more like home.

i really like the look of multiple frames of different sizes and designs, so i’m looking out for a few i can hang on my wall. I’m looking forward to having white walls because it gives you the option to pretty much match any bursts of colour as well. when it comes to interior, i think colourful is always best.
i plan to have a lot of imagery/photos on my walls and im also looking into picking up some crates or kindly asking my brother to assemble some in order to make extra storage space that’s pretty aswell as convenient. obviously on my budget i won’t be having rooms anywhere near as glamourous as these, but i’ll do a room tour of some sort once i’ve got everything sorted.