Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hand and Lock Prize 2014

My new brief is that of the Hand and Lock Prize 2014. I was given a choice of 3, the Hand and Lock Embroidery Design, a Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Fabrics one, and an Interior fabrics/surface brief for WGSN. As an embroiderer the first was the most appealing to me, and as I was considering entering the competition anyway it only made sense to include it as part of my work.

The post below outlines the brief, which is basically to look at floral pattern, and reinvent it in an original and innovative way, using traditional embroidery techniques, mixed with more contemporary processes. For my unit I have to produce a sketchbook, 6/8 samples, and a final fashion piece.

So far I have only done some research, selected my colour scheme and planned out a schedule to work with.

Here are some images of last years Hand and Lock prize winners:
First Place- Sophie Carr

Second Place- Sabrina Shirazi

Third Place- Stephanie Cristofaro

As you can see they are all very different pieces, ranging from quite simplistic designs, right up to very intricate and time consuming samples.