Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tutorials with Daniel Heath

Yesterday I had a tutorial with Daniel Heath, a textile designer from London, to discuss which brief I have chosen and my ideas for it so far. Daniel works with interiors, using mainly recycled materials that he sources himself. If you’re interested in looking at some of his work visit his website.
We discussed my initial plans for gathering and producing first time imagery, as well as the sort of techniques, processes and materials I’ll be using.
As I’m starting to finally get back into film photography I wanted to shoot a roll of colour slide film and then cross process it to get some strong colour contrast photographs of flowers etc. He suggested I consider then altering these photos digitally to match my colour scheme and create some imagery to work with.
We also discussed how I wanted to continue my work with resin (in my last project I started to embed small pieces of embroidery within resin) looking particularly at how the weight of the resin would affect how the fabric drapes, as this piece will be fashion based, I need to make it work for the body.
To help with this process he encouraged me to illustrate fashion drawings throughout my project.

This weekend I’ll be going to London to visit my friend, whilst I’m there I plan to visit the V&A to take a look at the medieval embroidery pieces, as well as trying to visit some flower markets to take some photos to get my project started.