Monday, 3 October 2011

Motivation Monday

So today I’m starting a new rota type thing for my blog, it should help me get into the swing of things, and make sure I’m posting semi-interesting things, semi-regularly.

As the title says, today is Motivation Monday. (I got a bit carried away with alliteration with the posts, so look forward to that!) Basically, I shall post something that either motivates/has motivated me, be it an artist, a blog, a song, anything really, or something that can motivate you, for example a DIY or something.

Today I’m posting Lois Greenfield. She is a commercial and fine art photographer, specialising in movement. I found her whilst searching for dance related artists to use for my graphics coursework. I came across her, and I really loved her photos! She is amazing!

I love the strength shown by the human body in her photos, some of the positions are just insane, and she captures them so well!
Check out her website :)