Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Textiles Tuesday...

So I have some more felt to show today, as we’re now about a month into the project I’ve got to start making some larger samples, and display them somehowsomewhensomewhere, I have an idea about what I’m gonna do, but I’ma keep it to myself until it’s all sorted and worked out all good and whatnot.

These are prefelts, I figured I prefer to keep them as prefelts because it makes them more translucent, and I’ve incorporated some free machining into them to shake things up a bit. Artist influences for these pieces include Mary Clare Buckle, a felt maker from England, and Mary Button Durell, a San Francisco based artist I came across on Honestly WTF blog.

In other (semi-related) news, I’ve finally decided what I’d like for Christmas. My mum has been asking me for months now, and so I’ve asked for a new sewing machine that can do free embroidery, as well as Alisa Burke’s book ‘Sew Wild’. I’m literally ‘sew’ excited to read it and start trying out some of the things. Haha, how punny.

Oh yeah, and I found my camera lead, I was in bed last night and something kept wrapping round my feet...twas the camera lead.