Wednesday, 12 October 2011


After seeing my friend Jade’s post about her desk, (which is beautiful btw) I thought I could do something similar, and post about my workspace.

My rooms so tiny (like 6ft by 6ft) that I can only fit a single bed, one of those material type wardrobe things, and a filing cabinet (idea  for future post: room tour). But it’s pretty quirky and I like it a lot. A little more space wouldn’t hurt though.
So this is where I work:

I have my filing cabinet squeezed in between my bed and my wardrobe. It’s just under my window sill, so I get pretty natural light coming through. Its got all me mail and certificates in the bottom drawer, and the top draw holds books, notepads, camera film, wires and more junk. There’s usually a ton of stuff on top as well, but I tidied it especially, and so my Macbook sits proudly upon it. When I’m not on my Mac I use it to paint on, or set up my sewing machine or something. It’s pretty cramped, but it works. 
On my wall I have my timetable, and a few pictures and a stencil I made. 
The window sill is home to a dead plant in a birdcage, a few tins with pens, brushes and thingymajigs in them, my speakers and some incense and things like that.
Hanging from the curtain rail I have several more thingymajigs. I’m not quite sure what they are called, but my friend Bengi gets me them, mainly from Turkey.

That’s pretty much it for now, if I ever tidy my room up I’ll probably show the whole thing (all 2 square metres of it).
 Byeee :)