Monday, 21 November 2011

Supplies pt. 1

As it is less than two weeks before I go to New York, I’m pretty much all stocked up on everything I need, so I thought I’d start to share it here.
This post is just about the cameras and film I will be taking with me. It looks quite a lot considering I will only actually be in New York for 4 days, but I am taking 8 cameras with me, 7 of which take some form of film...
So as you can see, I have my Instax Mini, with 5 packs of film to go with, my SLR, 35mm Compact, Action Sample and Fisheye, with 10 rolls of manipulated expired 35mm film, and two packs of Colour Slide 35mm film to go with those, my Holga, with 3 rolls of 120 film to go with that, and my Polaroid Super Shooter, and 2 packs of FP 100c to go with that.
I’m very excited!