Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hair Dye

 If you have read my About Me page, you will know that I like to change my hair a lot. Unfortunately for me, my parents have banished me from dying my hair, except to top up my roots every few months.
Even more unfortunately for me, I’m constantly reminded of beautiful lovely coloured hair all over the internet (admittedly I do kind of search for it) and I have recently got the itch to dye it again.
Fortunately for me, I will have a two week gap where I don’t have work, because even more fortunately, I am going to New York. Sometime around a few months ago a plan formed in my head to dye my hair the day after work, so it would give me a full two weeks to enjoy my wonderfully coloured hair, but also give me enough time for it to fade and for me to wash it a ton.
And these pictures just sort of forced me to click the ‘Place Order’ button on Amazon for a tub of Alpine Green from Directions...
(source: here and here)
I plan to dilute it a lot with conditioner, cause if you look at Alpine green it is very dark, but I want it a very pastel mint green, which will also help it fade faster.
In the past I have used Directions twice. Once with Carnation Pink, which I left on for about an hour, and it lasted a good 3-4 weeks before fading, the other Plum, which I left on for about two hours, and that lasted around 1-2 weeks before fading. 
This time I plan to leave it on for the recommended time of 15-30 minutes, with a ton of conditioner to dilute it, and after I’ve been to New York I’ll wash my hair daily with Head and Shoulders to help the fade.
Of course, this wonderful plan will only happen if my mum agrees. 
Fingers crossed...