Thursday, 8 December 2011

I’m back!

New York was amazing, absolutely incredible, and extremely tiring.
We were only there for a whole three and a half days, so in that time we managed to visit the Met, The MOMA, the ICP, the Rockefeller Center, private galleries in Chelsea, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Staten Island Ferry, Ice skating in Central Park, Shopping in Broadway and more.
It was insane, and jam packed, but so so good.
I was a bit surprised because I was actually good and ready to come home, as much as I’d love to stay there my feet just couldn’t take it anymore ha!
I’ll be getting my 8 rolls of film developed on Sunday, so I won’t start proper posting until then, but I do have some medium format polaroids ready for show, however my scanner doesn’t work and I can’t find my camera lead, so I’ll leave you with this bad quality photo for now :)
This was Times Square, taken at about 6.30am Sunday morning.
More to come :)