Friday, 9 December 2011

New York in Pictures - Medium Format Polaroid

So here are my first lot of pictures, there's only about 5, because they are from my Polaroid Super Shooter, which takes the new FP100-C film, which comes in packs of 10.
I took two packs with me, but I only used one, and out of those ten I only got a few decent pictures, which is good, because I'd never used one before and didn't have a clue how to calculate the timing for development so I'm pretty chuffed I actually got any...
The view of Manhattan from the Rockefeller Center, at about 5pm.

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn, taken at about 11am on a rather foggy day.

Times Sqaure at about 7am.

Empire State fom the ground, about 2pm.

I really like the results I got, I wasn't too sure about temperature in any so I used a cold clip to develop all of them. I will definately be using this film in the future :)