Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Self Portrait

I'm not a fan of taking photos of myself, moreso of having them taken.
But as a sort of new year thing, I'm going to try and get in a few more photos. 
I thought I'd start off with this sort of self portrait thing.
Easing myself into it.
I had an hour in the studio this morning, and I got my medium format polaroid from my friends car, and decided to try it out.
Here's what I got:
I think the scanner didn't really do it justice, but I also think I may have left it a tad too long before peeling it, but any who, I quite like the actual photo.
I took the same one on a digital camera too and here's that outcome:
I made a point of opening my eye so i didn't get the silly 'screwed-up-looking-through-a-viewfinder' face that you usually get.
I took them in this big old dirty mirror we just happen to have lying around, so thats what all the murky dots and what not are. You can see our wonderful 'infinity' studio set behind me.