Sunday, 8 January 2012

Exciting Stuff

January and February are lining up to be exciting months!
I’ve got two more interviews lined up, for Falmouth and Bournemouth.
I’m very excited/nervous for these, and I’m looking forward to the long drive down to Falmouth again, I do like long drives.
I also hopefully have a bit more of my final pieces done by this point, so I’ll have some more recent work to show.
I’ve also just booked my first tattoo to be done when I turn 18 in February!
It’s going to be session work, and my first session is going to be a four hour one.
Yikes. No point starting of small haha,
I won’t share the design till I get it done because I want it to be a surprise, but I’m very excited and nervous for that too.
And obviously my 18th is going to be fun :)
One of my best friends has her 18th the week after mine, so we’re doing a joint do thingy.
When I say ‘do’ I really mean ‘pub crawl’.

I found some old fisheyes from this time last year, it’s funny how quickly its passed. 
I may sort out a 2011 round up post of pictures.