Monday, 13 February 2012

Window Shopping

I think I might make ‘Window Shopping’ a weekly installment on my blog.
That way I can look back at all these lovely things I want to buy/make.
Sorry about lack of posting over the weekend, I went out Friday night for a few drinks in a few bars, Saturday was mainly spend in bed before venturing out for my first ever Indian Meal, and the yesterday I was at work.

As it is half term and I have no college, I have spent the morning doing some much needed online shopping. Considering that I have been earning good money for about 7 months now I haven’t actually spent a lot of it on clothes, this results in my wardrobe being very sad and lonely.
These three items are from ASOS again, I am very much in love with this weeks feature ‘Tex Mex’. It pairs my love of Dia Los Muertos with geometric prints and viola, beautiful items.
I also got some 120 film developed so I’ll try and scan those in and post later on today :)