Monday, 9 April 2012


So I’ve been an awful blogger this past month, but with exams and whatnot going on it’s all been a bit mad. However, I have one month left at college, and then I am left with 3 and a half months of free time before I set of to Uni. Madness!
My goal for the summer is to get a few extra shifts in at work so I can build on my wardrobe, because I really don’t know the next time I’ll be able to afford food, let alone clothes.
I’ve been adding bits here and there over the past weeks, at no extra cost, through the art of restyling!

These black shorts were cut down from an old pair of skinny jeans, and since I haven’t worn skinny jeans in like a million years I don’t think I’ll miss them. The studs were acquired from one of those studded belts I had lying around, except they were pink, so I gave them a few coats of paint before wrenching them out and giving them a new home.

These shorts were an old pair of jeans I’d bought from a charity shop for around £2. I just hacked them off at the wanted length, then frayed the edges by picking at the loose ends a lot.

This was a plain white t-shirt I found down the side of my bed :S I washed it, cut off the sleeves and drew a pattern on using a sharpie. It’s that simple.

This was a large kaftan I used to wear to bed, until I realised it would make a really nice dress so I took the hem up inside it and sewed it to the inseam of the midsection. 

And this was a large piece of fabric that I made into a dress, in two hours one evening, without a pattern. Very chuffed was I. I got it from the fabric bin at college.

I also have the tartan trousers I made, without a pattern, material given to me from my grandma.

I tend to prefer not using a pattern, even if you do make a few mistakes it’s always a lot funner to figure it out. 
So I have been keeping up with my goal of making at least 10 pieces of clothing, although I only really count the last two as ‘making’ the other 3 were already made.