Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Camera Masks

Last week I came across the film ‘Revolog Kolor’ on the Photojojo website. I looked it up and apparently it came around because a few students experimenting with shining different coloured lights on parts of the film, before it had been developed. I really loved the dreamy colours it made, and tried to find some of my own. Turns out Revolog is a company with a few different films with wacky effects, and they were pretty reasonably priced too at €7, and I was about to buy, except the postage came to about €20. I was very disappointed. And after searching for it on the web, I realised this (and the photojojo store) were the only places it was available. So I figured I’d try and get the wonderful colours in my pictures some other way.
I thought about shining the light on them, but I decided I couldn’t really risk it, as this is the film I was taking to New York with me, and as I’m already playing around with quite a few of the films already, I want to ensure that at least some of my pictures will definitely work. So I did this instead...
 I opened up Photoshop and created eight 3” by 4” rectangles, before adding gradients and textures to them.
I printed this out onto acetate, before cutting them all out. 
Then I cut each one down to size to fit in a specific camera. I put a blue to green plain gradient in my fisheye, simply using tape to keep it in place.
And this one was a nice little mistake. This is the same camera I used for my Steven Gill photos, so I left the beads and the plastic bag, and added a little glitter, but when I put the mask onto the tape, it had too many air bubbles for my liking, so I peeled it of with the intention of putting it back on a little neater, however, the tape pulled off some of the ink from the acetate, giving it a nice texture to it.
And this is my action sampler which I put the mask previously used in the above camera in. You can see where some of the colour has been pulled off and it’s left a really nice texture behind.

So here’s a quick, cheap and pretty easy idea for adding a little colour to your photos. I won’t know the outcome till after New York (LIKE THREE DAYS AWAY!!) but I will be posting all of my results.
Bye :)