Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Supplies pt. 2

(for pt. 1 see here)
As New York is a college trip I am meant to take some form of sketchbook with me, to take notes and er, sketches in. I’m not a very sketch and note taking kind of person, but I guess I should start, so I bought these to help me along...
It’s just an ordinary sketchpad, with an ordinary gel pen, and an ordinary watercolour palette, but that my friends is no ordinary brush. It’s a magical brush, because it holds water within it! No need for a pot, or a mug or a bottle. On the go sketching is readily available, anytime anyplace anywhere!
Anyway, I jazzed the sketchpad up a tad by giving it a cover and every couple of pages has the faux-notepad bit with the calendar in the corner. I’m planning on making it more of an art journal type thing.
We’ll see how long I keep it up for...